How The West Was Lost

Directed by DAVID NOAKES

In 1946, a group of Aboriginal stockworkers went on strike in the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia. This film shows how the most powerful forces in WA set about violently and illegally undermining the Aboriginal strikers and their supporter Don McLeod over a five-year period. Told by the strikers themselves, this is a story of state injustice and barbarism, pitched against the tremendous creativity and collective will of the most disadvantaged Australians.

Special Guest Jan Richardson

In 1969, Jan lived and worked with the Nyangumarta and Don McLeod Strikers’ group. Jan now lives in Darwin and is writing a biography of Don McLeod.


Independent Australia

  • NT Library
  • 1987G
  • Australia
  • 72 mins
  • English and Njangamarda, Wanmun, Injibandi with English subtitles
  • Drama / Outback
  • Seats to this event are limited. To book, visit

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